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I want to be able to let my mom know...that I'm alright here. That it's okay. And that I love her, lots and lots.

I want to see her again. And...and Rubedo. Albedo and Nigredo too. I ...miss everyone.

And to see my friends again.


[ooc; HAHAHAHA I have the worst timing in the WORLD. back in a bit.]


That was a wonderful curse-- it seems a bit weird to call it a curse, even.

Everyone was really nice to me, and...and Rubedo came! I'm glad I could see him again. There were two of him...which seemed...weird.

Even for just a day. I'm glad.

Has anyone looked in all the rooms in the Opera House? I feel a little bit like exploring!



There are a lot more people here today, aren't there?

[ooc; go 4 it ;;. Try not to mention the part where she dies, I guess? :c]


[voice post]

I never woke up at home...I guess this isn't what I thought after all.

But then...then, that means...

You guys!

You can all hear me, can't you?


...Rubedo? Albedo? Nigredo?

Where are- where are you? We were supposed to- go to the beach-

No... What's going on? This- this never happened before- I don't recognize...

...Wasn't it just snowing?

[ooc; orz complete restart. She thinks she's still stuck in her own subconsciousness, hence the ability to speak, and very confused as to why it doesn't look like it usually does. She'll assume everyone she meets has come into her subconscious domain until someone points out otherwise. Wandering around near the edge of the forest if someone wants to run into her randomly.]

-146- [audio]

[Anyone in the Opera House can hear the melody drifting through the hallways, but she's set the network device near the piano, recording on purpose.

After the nocturne is finished, there's a pause, and a small sigh.]

I made it through the tough part.

[A scrape of the piano bench and a few steps, as she gets up and walks to the computer.]

I hope...everyone is feeling a little better. It's not much...but I hope the music helped a little.

[ooc; wtf lj I swear that link was right before D:]


It's not fair, everything's happening at once, people are dying and things are happening, and there's blood everywhere today-

And it was never my fault, anything that happened-

I should be stronger but I'm not, it was always Rubedo who was stronger, or- or Nigredo or Albe--

...I miss my mom. I want her here but I can't want her here, and it's too much-

I need to-

I don't know what I need anymore...

-do something.

[ooc; orz sorry about the excessive ANGST. Meltdown has been in the works. Strikes unfortunately fairly easily hackable, she's rather overwhelmed at the moment.]


I don't have a letter this time.

I wonder if it's because I just didn't get hit, or if the City changed it's mind from last time.



I forgot.

Yesterday...yesterday makes two years. ...I guess this makes me 14.


She met three boys ; no IC cutCollapse )

Ahh...I remember...I'll never forget.

[ooc; First video can be skipped to 2:00 and the second to 2:15 if you don't feel like watching some extra Xenosaga.]


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